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Welcome to The Inflection Point: my new platform for my writing, videos, and other content. Watch the video on "What is an Inflection Point".

Take the quiz on the home page, which is developed to get you to start thinking about the inflection points in your life, and your narratives around them. 

Only show me videos about:

Asking for What I Want

I reframe my fear being told “no”, which often holds me back from asking for what I want.

Everything is Perfect

Perhaps my favorite “lighthouse” that I come back to often; a powerful shift in awareness.  

On Bad Moods

The problem in focusing on the negatives, and how gratitude practices can break that cycle.

Inflection Point: One

A longer and more personal video, about this moment in my life, and the “why” and “what” I’m doing.

“In God’s Image”

I explore what I think it means for humans to have been created “In God’s Image”. (Genesis 1:27)

On Boredom

A reminder of the often avoided creative value of boredom.

On Plants and Roots (aka On Discomfort and Growth)

Teaching my daughter about how the invisible drives the visible, and how discomfort drives growth.

Elevating Judgment

“The output of judgment then becomes, not diminishing others, but elevating ourselves”

The Invisible Poetry of Life: a poem, recited

A poem about the beauty that transcends words and mental understanding.

Ever considered how you
got here?


Map the moments that impacted your Inflection Points and begin your process of self-discovery.