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Welcome to The Inflection Point: my new platform for my writing, videos, and other content. Watch the video on "What is an Inflection Point".

Take the quiz on the home page, which is developed to get you to start thinking about the inflection points in your life, and your narratives around them. 

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Shavuot: We are all prophets

On the Jewish holiday of Shavuot… a story and reflection on how we are all prophets.

Regaining Balance: A Story

A story, about the goal not being not losing your balance, but about regaining it once you do.

Because the challenges and struggles don’t stop – but we can try to improve our responses to them. And really – speed isn’t the priority in regaining balance, but rather clarity and growth around/within the newfound balance!

Somatic Hack: Stomach Breathing

A quick tip on overriding your body’s nervous system to calm yourself down

Working with intense emotion

Been sitting with some difficult emotions recently, and wanted to share some thoughts on working with such emotions in a constructive, mindful way.

Competing perspectives: a story from the Talmud

A favorite story from the the Jewish oral Torah about the value of understanding others’ opinions.

A Blessing for Challenges Along Your Path

I gave this blessing to a small group recently, and thought I’d share the first half of it.

On Personal Discomfort

A recent story about discomfort and how I think about it: as opportunity for growth and alignment.

What is an Inflection Point

Welcome to The Inflection Point: my new platform for my writing, videos, and other content.

Self Honesty

When you act in ways you’re not proud of, do you own it, or try to ignore it?

Ever considered how you
got here?


Map the moments that impacted your Inflection Points and begin your process of self-discovery.