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Somber Truths (Short Fiction)

Once upon a time – but maybe not a time that was, but a time that is, or will be – there was, or is, or will be, a somber town, full of somber people; a town that exists in hues of grey. Magnificent hues of grey, mind you. The mercury-colored river that traverses the […]

“To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”: A Story

“To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” A Short Story About My Father, and Heartache My father and I sat as we always did, outside of the times we were playing cards, or dice, or backgammon: next to one another but apart, in large tan leather chairs, facing the television. Our legs were slightly bent, […]

Rachel the Rose

This is a children’s story I wrote for a friend. Though I like it, I never did anything with it – the concept was one of each of the following paragraphs per page, with a charming illustration to accompany it. So you’ll have to imagine the pacing, and the charming illustration… Rachel was the first […]


1 The old man mumbled angrily under his jagged breath while he waited for the wheelchair lift to get him above his front steps. His partially pursed lips violently expressed a sequence of consonants, “F’kn, sh, f’kn, d’k, f’kn no n’thn,” but they were barely audible under the mechanical rumble of the rising platform.  Through […]

Ending Social Distancing: A Story

“I’m convinced it’s tech,” Luca says, leaning his chair onto its back two legs. “The whole cabal. Gates. Zuckerberg. Google… Disney! I mean, have you seen how the whole pandemic aligned to the release of Disney Plus?” “Tell me you’re kidding,” Shira says. She looks from Luca to the front door, then expectantly she turns […]

Negev Telos

1 “Good morning Ariel!” chirp the small brown birds, voices quavering with the excitement of being the first to greet.   “Good morning my sweetest silverbills!” Ariel exclaims to the three small birds flitting in front of her.  She raises her arm with a finger outstretched, where one of the light brown silverbills alights.  Ariel giggles […]

Into the Forest

The yellow and brown leaves under my feet cushion each step, making a squishy crunching sound as they do so.  I like the sound.  It’s natural, welcoming.  The aroma also pulls me deeper into the forest with its organic allure, like bark and subtle sweet mildew in the best of ways.  I lower my head […]

Dak Ackerthefifth and the Ethics of Heroism

A novel


At its core, “Dak” is a book about inflection points - since inflection points are how all stories, including our own, are written.

While Dak is aspiring to be the hero, he continually struggles with the decisions he makes (or doesn’t make) when fate calls, and explores the pitfalls that many of us are subject to at those times. As Dak puts it: “Me, Dak Ackerthefifth, always trying my best to figure out exactly what I was, repeatedly drawing aspirational lines of my silhouette often just in order to exist, I was repeatedly taken aback by Esther’s willingness, eagerness even, to erase the lines that outlined her being.”

“Brave. Unapologetic. Compelling.”
—Goodreads Review