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My 2023 Passover Seder Haggadah

Last year, being faced with hosting my first big seder, and finding every Haggadah different than how I use and wanted to share Passover ritual, I decided to write my own. In it, I curated my approach to Judaism/ritual/passover, striving for relevant meaning and connection using old rituals. As my approach is often different, yet […]

The Chakras and The Sefirot: Relationship and Lessons

Both Kabbalah and Yoga have informed and expanded the ways that I think about, and use, the other in my practice. This is me sharing a little about how, specifically focusing on Chakras and Sefirot.

Why I No Longer Celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Purim

Purim is fun. It’s the Jewish holiday where everyone dresses up (think Halloween/Mardi Gras), recounts the story of Purim (while boo’ing the villain Persian Haman, and cheering the great Jew Mordechai), and gets wasted (to the extent of being “obligated to drink on Purim until he does not know the difference between ‘cursed be Haman’ and […]

What Do You Want To Be Right About?

[Effectively Part 2 of “Everyone is Right”] Everyone is right: so what do you want to be right about? The crucial piece of this philosophy, and in everything being contextual, is that we each have control over our subjective reality.  In other words: we have control over what we believe. It may be hard as […]

Everyone is Right

A friend called me out recently for one of my philosophies with which she absolutely disagreed: Everyone is right. This friend cited the offensive statement where it showed up in Dak (my novel). And while it’s fiction, and I generally vehemently distance myself from agreement/alignment with viewpoints of my characters, I admitted to her that […]

Kill the Method

Kill the method. By “method” I mean anything that you do or use to propel yourself, any practice that breaks down the things that hold you back, or brings greater meaning to your life. Think: yoga; meditation; plant medicine; religion; teachers/gurus. Kill it. Because methods are traps. They can bring so much goodness and growth […]

Purim, Carnival, Anti-Structure

The Jewish holiday of Purim was last week – a fun story about a woman who hides the fact she’s Jewish when she marries the Persian King, but is convinced to come out of hiding just in time to save the Jews from annihilation. But… I want to dive into the obligation on Purim to […]

Embracing Heresy

[From the Archive note: This was originally three posts, but herein made it one] POST ONE I’ve been increasingly using the term “Jewish Heresy” to refer to my current path/framing, and I’m struck by the discomfort is seems to cause to almost everyone who hears it. Let me be clear: I view Heresy as the […]

Timeless Wisdom

Dipping back into David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water”  commencement speech (turned book, previously referenced in my ‘stuck in traffic’ post), just because: a) it’s so full of wisdom that’s especially important and increasingly lost in the world today (seriously, listen to the whole thing); b) I end up referencing it to people fairly often; c) […]