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Perspective and My Sister

​​As most of you know, I think (and talk) a lot about perspective – how the narratives with which we approach life determine our experiences.   Quick kid story: My 10-year-old daughter knows my thoughts around perspectives well. She told me the other day: “It was hot today but I was fine. It’s weird how some […]

“To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”: A Story

“To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” A Short Story About My Father, and Heartache My father and I sat as we always did, outside of the times we were playing cards, or dice, or backgammon: next to one another but apart, in large tan leather chairs, facing the television. Our legs were slightly bent, […]

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Knowledge is something you know or understand cerebrally, something you have a mental understanding of. Knowledge is something that exists within the mind – and thereby, it’s something separate from your “Capital S” Self, aka your true self, your soul, your character – take your pick of nomenclature. (Because, as I explored in my last […]

Growing vs Deepening

I think (and talk) a lot about personal growth. But recently I’ve tilted my thinking and aspirations more towards deepening. While we can debate over details (which I’ll touch on toward the end here), the way I consider “growing” is moving beyond the constraints that hold us back. Whether it’s challenges like resentment or jealousy […]

Words Fail; New Project

WORDS FAIL “God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3). With words, creation began; and with words, separation began. Expulsion from divinity and wholeness was put into motion. The power of the word isn’t just Jewish, or even Judeo-Christian. In brief: In Judaism, the above line, and later: “By the word […]

Three Butterflies

“Only a fool waits until death for reincarnation” – the Lubavitcher Rebbe. A few years ago, I bought a butterfly “kit” to do with my daughters. Basically it was a net container and a jar of caterpillars. After a week or two of crawling around aimlessly and eating, the caterpillars each formed a chrysalis hanging […]

Into the Forest

The yellow and brown leaves under my feet cushion each step, making a squishy crunching sound as they do so.  I like the sound.  It’s natural, welcoming.  The aroma also pulls me deeper into the forest with its organic allure, like bark and subtle sweet mildew in the best of ways.  I lower my head […]

Life Lessons from a Swim Coach

I was a competitive swimmer for many years, including through college… but I don’t reflect on the act of swimming very often in my life today.  Sure, I grew through it, primarily physically, but also in discipline and team dynamics.  But nowadays, I find myself reflecting on two lessons taught many times by my swim […]