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The Ugly Dog

For my daughter’s 10th birthday, I gave her a fluffy stuffed dog with rainbow-colored fur, and this story to go along with it… Once upon a time, there was a dog born with no fur. No fur?!? That’s right. No fur. Just skin. And really wrinkly, spotted skin. He wasn’t a pretty dog. Sounds pretty […]

Rachel the Rose

This is a children’s story I wrote for a friend. Though I like it, I never did anything with it – the concept was one of each of the following paragraphs per page, with a charming illustration to accompany it. So you’ll have to imagine the pacing, and the charming illustration… Rachel was the first […]

The Future’s A Surprise

In the days before and after my first daughter was born, I spent some late sleepless nights writing this (long, rhyming) story to/for her. I: A Story to TellLadies and Gentlemen, gather round, gather near.I have a story to tell, one you will all want to hear.There once was a girl, beautiful and wise.An amazing […]

The rainbow frog & the mad scientist

The Adventures of Caroline and Euni: Book one


Caroline is a clever and feisty girl who loves adventure and exploring. One day, she discovers a frog with a brilliant rainbow pattern on its back and despite her father’s rule against animals in the house, Caroline decides to bring it home. Hiding a frog in her room is one challenge but as the rainbow frog quickly grows into an actual unicorn, the secret becomes too much for her to hide!

In the first book in The Adventures of Caroline & Euni series, we join Caroline and her pet unicorn, Euni, on their first adventures. Euni’s magical power eventually convinces Caroline’s father that she should become part of the family but when a mad scientist learns about the magic, he wants it for himself!

“An enchanting and wise tale that will be enjoyed by anyone who still remembers what it’s like to sense magic in the world.”
—Readers’ Favorite Book Review

The witch and the Queen

The Adventures of Caroline and Euni: Book one


Caroline and Euni are back in this new, heartwarming epic adventure! Will Caroline have the courage and perseverance she needs to travel to save her pet unicorn from the Land of Magic?

The Witch and the Queen picks up where Book One of The Adventures of Caroline and Euni (The Rainbow Frog & The Mad Scientist) left off: brave young Caroline travels with her pet unicorn, Euni, to confront the wrathful Witch.

“A fantastic adventure story that even an adult would enjoy!”
—Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite