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Rachel the Rose

This is a children’s story I wrote for a friend. Though I like it, I never did anything with it – the concept was one of each of the following paragraphs per page, with a charming illustration to accompany it. So you’ll have to imagine the pacing, and the charming illustration… Rachel was the first […]


1 The old man mumbled angrily under his jagged breath while he waited for the wheelchair lift to get him above his front steps. His partially pursed lips violently expressed a sequence of consonants, “F’kn, sh, f’kn, d’k, f’kn no n’thn,” but they were barely audible under the mechanical rumble of the rising platform.  Through […]

Three Butterflies

“Only a fool waits until death for reincarnation” – the Lubavitcher Rebbe. A few years ago, I bought a butterfly “kit” to do with my daughters. Basically it was a net container and a jar of caterpillars. After a week or two of crawling around aimlessly and eating, the caterpillars each formed a chrysalis hanging […]

Dishwashers and Love

I enjoy interpreting people’s dreams. Armed with no training other than a deep interest in people, a love of Carl Jung, access to internet, and a strong affinity for analogies, I like to leverage what I do have into interesting narratives that sometimes strike a chord (even if only with me!). This was one such […]

Ending Social Distancing: A Story

“I’m convinced it’s tech,” Luca says, leaning his chair onto its back two legs. “The whole cabal. Gates. Zuckerberg. Google… Disney! I mean, have you seen how the whole pandemic aligned to the release of Disney Plus?” “Tell me you’re kidding,” Shira says. She looks from Luca to the front door, then expectantly she turns […]

Pale Green Pants

I want to discuss the real meaning in one of my favorite kids’ stories: Dr. Seuss’ “What Was I Scared Of?”.   On the surface, it is a simple story of an unnamed yellow wisp of a protagonist being plagued by a terrifying pair of pale green pants with nobody inside them. To wit: Though […]

Negev Telos

1 “Good morning Ariel!” chirp the small brown birds, voices quavering with the excitement of being the first to greet.   “Good morning my sweetest silverbills!” Ariel exclaims to the three small birds flitting in front of her.  She raises her arm with a finger outstretched, where one of the light brown silverbills alights.  Ariel giggles […]

Embracing Heresy

[From the Archive note: This was originally three posts, but herein made it one] POST ONE I’ve been increasingly using the term “Jewish Heresy” to refer to my current path/framing, and I’m struck by the discomfort is seems to cause to almost everyone who hears it. Let me be clear: I view Heresy as the […]

Into the Forest

The yellow and brown leaves under my feet cushion each step, making a squishy crunching sound as they do so.  I like the sound.  It’s natural, welcoming.  The aroma also pulls me deeper into the forest with its organic allure, like bark and subtle sweet mildew in the best of ways.  I lower my head […]

How Do We Know What We Know

A friend was telling me recently about visiting the Monarch Butterfly “landing spot” (my weak term, not theirs) in Mexico recently.  These Monarchs fly 2,500 miles from Canada to a small plot of land in Mexico, but apparently they spend three generations in Mexico before heading back to Canada, where they return to the same tree […]