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Kill the Method

Kill the method. By “method” I mean anything that you do or use to propel yourself, any practice that breaks down the things that hold you back, or brings greater meaning to your life. Think: yoga; meditation; plant medicine; religion; teachers/gurus. Kill it. Because methods are traps. They can bring so much goodness and growth […]

Everything is Contextual

Consider any person in the past, long ago, and consider their beliefs, their world view… and go ahead and chuckle. It’s what we do, thinking how backwards and uninformed they were, and how they were usurped by something more correct (aka our beliefs): whether science, or greater religion, or superior values, or just your new […]

A Contemplation on Meditation…

A contemplation on meditation: Many people have a very lofty notion of what “meditation” is, or what the experience is supposed to be like: namely, that “meditation” is about sitting with one’s mind silent, unthinking. But the mind isn’t going to stop. That’s not it’s job (and after all, you are not your mind). The […]

The Invisible Poetry of Life: a poem

The Invisible Poetry of Life The rousing amidst initial whisper of sunrise; And in the smell that stirs an inward journey; In that first eye contact with a future beloved; And among shared fits of tear-laden laughter. Within the reluctance of a final goodbye, and in the release of that familiar hand, one last time. […]

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Knowledge is something you know or understand cerebrally, something you have a mental understanding of. Knowledge is something that exists within the mind – and thereby, it’s something separate from your “Capital S” Self, aka your true self, your soul, your character – take your pick of nomenclature. (Because, as I explored in my last […]

You Are Not Your Mind

I spent the vast majority of my life believing that I was my mind – that my identity was contained in the organic storehouse between my two ears. This also meant that I was deeply attached to (even one with) that endless stream of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that my mind produces. But the simple […]

Growing vs Deepening

I think (and talk) a lot about personal growth. But recently I’ve tilted my thinking and aspirations more towards deepening. While we can debate over details (which I’ll touch on toward the end here), the way I consider “growing” is moving beyond the constraints that hold us back. Whether it’s challenges like resentment or jealousy […]

Mainstream Trippiness

I went to the Van Gogh Immersive last weekend, and while I enjoyed it, I spent much of the show wondering about the trend/influx of “trippiness” as popular, mainstream entertainment. What was once relegated to the fringes of society is now commonplace and normal. At first, I passively assumed this of trippy entertainment was connected […]

Words Fail; New Project

WORDS FAIL “God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3). With words, creation began; and with words, separation began. Expulsion from divinity and wholeness was put into motion. The power of the word isn’t just Jewish, or even Judeo-Christian. In brief: In Judaism, the above line, and later: “By the word […]

Purim, Carnival, Anti-Structure

The Jewish holiday of Purim was last week – a fun story about a woman who hides the fact she’s Jewish when she marries the Persian King, but is convinced to come out of hiding just in time to save the Jews from annihilation. But… I want to dive into the obligation on Purim to […]