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Why I No Longer Celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Purim

Purim is fun. It’s the Jewish holiday where everyone dresses up (think Halloween/Mardi Gras), recounts the story of Purim (while boo’ing the villain Persian Haman, and cheering the great Jew Mordechai), and gets wasted (to the extent of being “obligated to drink on Purim until he does not know the difference between ‘cursed be Haman’ and […]

Perspective and My Sister

​​As most of you know, I think (and talk) a lot about perspective – how the narratives with which we approach life determine our experiences.   Quick kid story: My 10-year-old daughter knows my thoughts around perspectives well. She told me the other day: “It was hot today but I was fine. It’s weird how some […]

Somber Truths (Short Fiction)

Once upon a time – but maybe not a time that was, but a time that is, or will be – there was, or is, or will be, a somber town, full of somber people; a town that exists in hues of grey. Magnificent hues of grey, mind you. The mercury-colored river that traverses the […]

The Ugly Dog

For my daughter’s 10th birthday, I gave her a fluffy stuffed dog with rainbow-colored fur, and this story to go along with it… Once upon a time, there was a dog born with no fur. No fur?!? That’s right. No fur. Just skin. And really wrinkly, spotted skin. He wasn’t a pretty dog. Sounds pretty […]

What Do You Want To Be Right About?

[Effectively Part 2 of “Everyone is Right”] Everyone is right: so what do you want to be right about? The crucial piece of this philosophy, and in everything being contextual, is that we each have control over our subjective reality.  In other words: we have control over what we believe. It may be hard as […]

Everyone is Right

A friend called me out recently for one of my philosophies with which she absolutely disagreed: Everyone is right. This friend cited the offensive statement where it showed up in Dak (my novel). And while it’s fiction, and I generally vehemently distance myself from agreement/alignment with viewpoints of my characters, I admitted to her that […]

“To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”: A Story

“To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” A Short Story About My Father, and Heartache My father and I sat as we always did, outside of the times we were playing cards, or dice, or backgammon: next to one another but apart, in large tan leather chairs, facing the television. Our legs were slightly bent, […]

Kill the Method

Kill the method. By “method” I mean anything that you do or use to propel yourself, any practice that breaks down the things that hold you back, or brings greater meaning to your life. Think: yoga; meditation; plant medicine; religion; teachers/gurus. Kill it. Because methods are traps. They can bring so much goodness and growth […]

Everything is Contextual

Consider any person in the past, long ago, and consider their beliefs, their world view… and go ahead and chuckle. It’s what we do, thinking how backwards and uninformed they were, and how they were usurped by something more correct (aka our beliefs): whether science, or greater religion, or superior values, or just your new […]