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Life Lessons from a Swim Coach

I was a competitive swimmer for many years, including through college… but I don’t reflect on the act of swimming very often in my life today.  Sure, I grew through it, primarily physically, but also in discipline and team dynamics.  But nowadays, I find myself reflecting on two lessons taught many times by my swim […]

Timeless Wisdom

Dipping back into David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water”  commencement speech (turned book, previously referenced in my ‘stuck in traffic’ post), just because: a) it’s so full of wisdom that’s especially important and increasingly lost in the world today (seriously, listen to the whole thing); b) I end up referencing it to people fairly often; c) […]

On Psychic Energy and Quantum Entanglement

1 Do you believe in psychic energy? In other words, do you believe that there is some force or energy that emanates from our mind/soul/mental state (or chakras, auras, etc), that can effect others around us? Do we impact people beyond what we simply say and do and show them? Man, I feel like Miss […]

The Future’s A Surprise

In the days before and after my first daughter was born, I spent some late sleepless nights writing this (long, rhyming) story to/for her. I: A Story to TellLadies and Gentlemen, gather round, gather near.I have a story to tell, one you will all want to hear.There once was a girl, beautiful and wise.An amazing […]