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Moments can shift the course of
your entire life.

What were the pivotal moments along the way that forever changed your path?

What would your life have been like if you had made a different decision, taken a moment to shift your reaction, or responded—even slightly—differently?

If you had spoken up, or stayed quiet; if you had said yes to the job offer, or the cheap flight; if you had gone in for the kiss; if you had stayed the extra day; if you had walked away.

There are moments that can forever change the direction of our lives, moments where our experiences—and our responses to them—alter our entire future.

I call these Inflection Points.

The moments that become momentous.

The choices that become change.

Your Inflection Point Map is a starting place for navigating through your present-day changes…and choices.

To architect a more meaningful, fulfilling life, you must first understand how you became who you are.

When we look at our past circumstances, we can begin to see the opportunities in the disruption, the promise in the discomfort, and most importantly leverage our current and future Inflection Points into a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

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Let’s discuss: What have you remembered? Uncovered?

The specifics of our personal inflection points may vary, but, as humans, we are all born, grow, get old, and die—with many shared experiences between. Shall we compare notes?