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This Could Be The Moment That Changes Everything.

We’ve all had them: those moments when life took a turn.


These are the moments with the power to alter your life.
The choices that change your path.
The decisions that decide your future.

These are your Inflection Points.


For better or worse, you made a choice

  • You said yes to the job offer.
  • You went in for the kiss.
  • You turned down the promotion.
  • You took the next flight.
  • You walked away when you could have stayed.
  • You yelled when you could have listened.
  • You said yes when you meant no.

Right here, this exact moment, is an Inflection Point as well.

This is your opportunity to step into a life where you are no longer controlled by your circumstances, where you begin to make decisions without regret.

Will you take the opportunity? Or stay ingrained in your old patterns?

It’s time to get conscious, to go deeper.
It’s time to respond instead of react.
It’s time for you to leverage this Inflection Point into a future with more meaning, more fulfillment, and more joy.


If you have landed here, you’re most likely in a period of questioning.

Perhaps you’ve been brought here by an ending, a transition, or even a new beginning.

Perhaps you’re here because you’re longing for insight, for fulfillment, for meaning.

No matter the reason, this is the feeling associated with being in an Inflection Point.

Inflection Points are keys: they can open your eyes to new possibilities, lives unimagined, and options you couldn’t see before.

Your opportunity lies in how you respond to your current Inflection Point:

Will you fall back on old patterns…or will you seize the change to reflect and recreate?

Will you choose as you’ve always done…or give yourself the gift of a new direction?


These books and free resources will deepen your Inflection Point knowledge and expand your intuition and self-compassion


With 1:1 guidance, Joshua can help you navigate and leverage your current Inflection Point toward a more fulfilling future


Joshua explores old-world philosophical concepts and how they affect and impact our day-to-day lives.


Welcome, heretics

Here we try new things. As adventurers of the inner path, we offer possibilities through brazen self-exploration.

Welcome, heretics

Here we try new things. As adventurers of the inner path, we offer possibilities through brazen self-exploration.

We chart new courses through our psyches.
We subscribe to the multitude and also the none.
We find truth in meaning and lightness in being.

This is the work and we are stepping forth into our futures, more whole than ever before.

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got here?


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